We can build our cutting-edge technology into any configuration you can imagine.

Blending technical know-how with design savvy and 3-dimensional rendering, we will work with you to make sure that the appearance of the booth fits your vision and needs, and that the technology inside does everything you need it to and more. Whether it’s photo, video or a combination of both, we’ll custom-build the perfect booth for you.

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Casablanca Photo Booth
For our partner in the legendary city of Casablanca, Morocco, we built four huge feature-packed booths. These have flip-up benches, a motorized, wheeled lift system, fully customized hardware and even a Moroccan coin machine.

Spike Jonze Interactive Video Kiosk
For Spike Jonze’s interactive project, we built this sleek, custom kiosk-style booth with software custom-made to fit his needs. We even changed the language used in the interactive software as the booth traveled around the world.

Photobooth Israel Booth
Photobooth Israel uses this sleek, stackable model that’s easy to move and set up in any location. It stands out in a crowd, and has been a huge hit for event rentals. The software is custom-made for the company’s unique needs.

Natural Birch Booth
This compact eye-catching wall-mounted Photobooth has a cabinet made of natural birch wood. It’s an unexpected, classy touch that helps the technology live in harmony with its surroundings in more upscale environments.

Griffin Booth
When the owners of the Griffin Club wanted to add a photo booth to their offerings, they came to us to design a fully functional booth that would blend seamlessly into the classy, upscale décor in the club. Not only does our Portabooth complement its surroundings, it lets patrons chronicle their great times.


Some of the companies we have worked with