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Rent a Modular/ Portable Soundproof Video Booth for your corporate or private event

HIGH QUALITY: Sound reflecting outer walls, multiple layers of interior sound proofing & sound absorption, high-end professional lighting, professional mic and audio controls, 13″ gorilla glass interface, and high FPS, HD/4k camera

AMPLE SPACE: Our booth is 4.5′ x 4.5′ (exterior floor print dimensions). The interior is 41″ x 41″ (Expandable to 48") : It comfortably seats two or stands three. In addition, our booths are modular so they can be placed in any location!


PERFECT FOR BRANDING: The booth is ideal for a full exterior vinyl wrap and the exterior side lighting can be set to many different color combinations to match your branding. The user interface can also be customized for your event!


LOCATIONS: We have a national reach! We've supported events from Seattle, San Diego, Miami, Austin, Syracuse, New York, and all places in between. We have multiple booths strategically placed throughout the US!

Rent for $950 per day + Delivery/Setup. Contact us now!

All Rental Packages Include:

  • 5 Hours Of Onsite QA Technical Support 

  • Post-Event Video Files Delivery

Rental Package Options…

  • Vinyl Wrap Of Booth’s Exterior

  • Customized Branded User Interface

  • Green Screen

  • Karaoke Booth W/ Disco Lighting

  • Custom Backdrop Behind Users

  • Surveys, Data Collection, Emailing, Texting & Social Media

  • Stanchion Posts & Ropes

  • Printing

  • Animated GIFS

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